2 Seasons

Gian is a Sanskrit word that translates to knowledge or wisdom. Knowledge becomes wisdom when it becomes your personal experience. Only the experience in that wisdom—gian—can hold and support you. Acquring wisdom depends on your own practice and discipline. The teacher and the student have an equally essential part to play in the drama of enlightenment. The teacher’s part is to provide the knowledge and inspiration. The student’s equally essential part is to learn, practice, and experience! What is the most basic knowledge that you can capture as your own inner wisdom? Understand that you have a threefold structure: body, mind, and soul. Your essence has a vehicle to experience the universe and the Self, through these three facets of you. You must understand, have your own depth, and experience of each facet.
The Body
Your inner machinery is very complicated and subtle. Every functional system, regardless of its composition, needs cleaning, needs care and needs tuning regularly. The normal use of the system creates wear and misalignment. It also needs careful assessment of its capacity to act, its potential to respond to demands, and its possibility for endurance and longevity. These are the basics that you must learn to take care of first. The physical body is the basic temple in which you can deposit the treasure of happiness in life.
The Mind
The mind guides your actions and emotions. All of your experience is filtered through the creativity and appraisal of your mind. Happy and unhappy belong to your mind, not to the world.
The Soul & Spirit
Whatever religion you follow, that belief, tradition, and practice is meant to guide you to experience your true origin, which is Infinity. When you experience your origin as a reality, you are happy.


    Episode 1

    Breath of Fire is one of the foundational breath techniques used in the practice of Kundalini Yoga. It accompanies many postures, and has numerous beneficial effects. It is important to master this breath so that it is done accurately and becomes automatic.

  • Reverence for Water

    Episode 2

    An interview with Matt Thornton. Matt is a water sommelier. A water researcher. An Emoto Hado instructor, heading the Emoto peace project in the UK. He’s A global ambassador and for Fountain of Springs. Founder of The New Water Generation. He’s also a tai chi, chi gong teacher and was a fighter p...